Peter Gibaloff

About us

It all started in Switzerland in 1962. Tireless in his work and always with new ideas, Peter Gibaloff, inventor, engineer and great violin lover, started something that today has become a brand of high-quality violins, made of the highest quality woods, using traditional methods with some special innovations and special wood treatments before making the violin and subsequent treatment of the instrument, “awakening the soul in the violin”.
Conceived in Switzerland, made with Swiss precision and attention to detail. We specialize in violins and bows, but we also have in our offer top-quality cases for violins and guitars, made with the most modern autoclave technology,  made of carbon and Kevlar. We carry out very detailed quality control.


Gibaloff Violin Selection

We, the Gibaloff workshop, offer a variety of professional instruments and bows for players of all levels of skill

Why Gibaloff

Since the 1960s

Instrument Restoration

The restoration and assembly of instruments both require broad knowledge and a keen familiarity with classical schools of luthiery and of the antique instruments. We have a unique approach to each instrument

Violin Making

All our violins stem from the original hand-drawn designs and calculations of Peter Gibaloff; the founder of Gibaloff luthiery

Certificates of Authenticity

All premium Gibaloff violins come with a certificate of authenticity containing the photos, specifications of the materials used in the making, as well as their value

Workshop hours

Monday – Friday

10h – 13h

16h – 18h

If you have any questions feel free to contact us